Happy bowel, happy life! Fasting as a tool to promote healthy living

by Julia Recker
The question is always: Why do we need to fast?
We have these natural systems of the body itself to get rid of all the toxins that might occur in our body. There is the large intestine, for example, managing most of the elimination processes. But nowadays people do not use this way of elimination often enough. On average, the whole process of digestion takes way too long due to the high consumption of animal products, fat an protein and overconsumption in general. As a consequence, toxins stay longer in the human body and effect it in a negative way. The longer we keep the toxins inside of us, the more we challenge our body, the more our immune system is weakened and the more energy is needed to finally get rid of the toxins. A regular bowel movement can be supported by the consumption of fiber containing foods, drinking water and bodily movements. Rule one for a healthy and happy bowel: Eat more leafy green vegetables, drink more water and shake your body!
Another system of the body to manage detoxification is via our skin. Toxins that are soluble in sweat can be eliminated through the skin. However, this only happens when we actually break a sweat, which also happens only rarely on average. So, remember to move your bodies frequently. Five times per week and your lymph and health will flow!
Next, our breath. By inhaling atmospheric gas, oxygen is carried to all of our cells to take part in the crucial step of cellular production of energy. The waste product of respiration is carbon dioxide, eliminated during exhalation. Most people have a shallow breathing due to constant stress and tension. In this case only 20% of the lung capacity is used. By cultivating a deep breathing, we not only lengthen the detox-effect of our breath, but also actively calm down our nervous system, in turn enabling us to better cope with stressful situations. So, please guys, BREATHE – deep and slow!!
As we can see, our main systems of elimination are not working as good as they could and should to actually free our body from all the toxins. Consequently, we end up with an accumulation of harmful toxins, causing inflammation, hormonal imbalance and poor immune performance – predispositions of many chronic and acute illnesses.
By giving our digestive tract a vacation, the body is given the time and space to cleanse on a cellular level. Toxins can be eliminated from the system and the body experiences a true reset for the immune system. Moreover, by skipping the process of digestion, much energy is available which is usually sent to the stomach and large intestine to multistep processes of the breakdown of food. Enzymes are needed to split our food into the three macronutrients – fat, carbohydrates and protein – which can be absorbed in the digestive tract. This process is energy dependent. Likewise the production of certain digestive juices and the generation of required pH levels needs energy. In sum, all these steps can use up to 70% of all available energy. During fasting, this energy becomes available to speed up healing processes in the entire body – equally chronic and acute diseases.
Whether you do a one-day cleanse, a 3-day program or one entire week of fasting, make sure you drink enough water. In total, we should consume up to 5 Liters of fluid per day during a fast. 3 Liters mineral spring water, the rest herbal tea and green juice. Start mindful and slowly with a one-day break. A few weeks later try a 3-day fasting and extend to one week if you feel ready. And don’t panic, the body has impressive regulatory abilities to ensure all necessary functions without eating solid food for up to 40 days. So a break of a few days will not cause any damage to the body. However, fasting is a roller coaster and during such a period all our senses become purified. Many people experience also emotionally intense days, a detox process always affects not only the physical body. You also dive deeper into cleaning processes of mind and soul as well. It is a great idea to document the process over the days by writing a diary.
The concept of green juicing is a wonderful option to give our digestive tract a pause while still providing all essential vitamins and minerals for our body. All you need is a good juicer and tons of leafy green vegetables. Green vegetables are most beneficial due to the high proportion of chlorophyll which is known to act blood cleansing. In addition, most green vegetables also deliver high amounts of water.
Apart from the nutrition, it is recommended to also address our natural systems of elimination to maximize the effect of detoxification. Breath work, as well as light bodily movements and colon hygiene should be incorporated in an effective program.
Below, I list my favorite juice recipes for a juice fast.

Immune Boost Tonic

serves 1 shot 

1 inch fresh ginger
1 inch fresh turmeric
juice of 1 lemon 
Use the juicer for the ginger and turmeric and add the lemon juice. If the taste is too strong, add some water to dilute the tonic. Ginger and turmeric harmonize perfectly and provide tons of beneficial ingredients. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti fungal – this tonic is a perfect way to start a fasting program and also to end it.


Classic Green Juice

serves 1 portion
1/2 cucumber
4 handfuls leafy greens (rocket, spinach, parsley…)
1/2 apple
3 strawberries 
Combine all the ingredients in the juicer and enjoy. A good dose of blood-cleansing chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals – the best friend for juice days.
Consume within 15 minutes.


Simply Carrots

serves 1 portion
7 carrots, medium size
Simplicity in perfection: juice the carrots and enjoy the drink. Optional: Add some turmeric to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect.
Consume within 15 minutes.
All our organs work constantly to ensure all bodily functions – time to give some love in return and promote health in the longterm, right?
And remember:
drink much water
eat many fruit and vegetables
move your body
breathe deep
and poop more!! :)


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