by Julia Recker

Oh, breakfast. I am a huge breakfast person. I believe it to be one of the best meals – everything is possible, allowed and encouraged. Which other meal would want you to have pancakes by the lot? Or savoury porridge? The discovery of buckwheat, buckwheat flakes (and lately, ground buckwheat) has led to this beautiful bowl food: breakfast porridge. So I’ll share my limited porridge wisdom.

The base: I usually go for one third raw buckwheat and two thirds flakes or ground buckwheat. This way, your porridge will get both texture and creaminess. While combining the grains, you can add ground vanilla, cinnamon, raw cocoa or dessicated coconut to add flavour.

The milk: I usually cook the porridge with part almond milk and part vanilla soy milk or rice milk, to add sweetness and depth. You could easily soak this porridge over night if you prefer it that way. I find that almond goes extremely well with other plant milks to tone down the flavour and prolong the life of this expensive treat.

The fruit: To the base I add seasonal fruits like berries, apples, pears or mashed banana.

The toppings: To top off (you will find that toppings are very important to me) I add chopped toasted almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds – whatever is at hand and fits my mood.  I sometimes add a dollop of greek yogurt. And yes. Full fat is absolutely necessary (replace with soy if you want to keep it vegan). And as a finish – Agave sirup, passion fruit for an extra vitamin boost, toasted coconut flakes or vanilla.


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