Beetroot-Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

by Julia Recker

Add some colour to your life with this powerful bowl that will take your socks off.

I am almost over the hump flu-wise, but this morning I felt like I needed something to regain my strength. I’ve taken on eating smoothies in bowls, which makes them a great snack or alternative breakfast and allows you to add some extra-filling toppings. It feels more like a meal and less like you’re downing yet another glass of gooey liquid. Plus: look at the pretty colours! Why wouldnt you want to eat this with a spoon?

Beetroot-Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

1 grapefruit, juiced
1 large beetroot
half a banana
half a cup of rasperries (I used frozen ones)
half a cup of spinach
1 tbsp of sprouts
half a cup of water or ice
a medium chunk of ginger
lemon juice

blend all ingredients (to simplify the process, put liquids at the bottom, then greens, fruit and ginger) and top off with:

A hand full of mixed sprouts
soaked and chopped almonds
cinnamon (optional)


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